Joseph Companies has teamed up with Austin Skyline Realty to provide leasing and management services. Please contact Austin Skyline with leasing and maintenance inquiries.

Below we have assembled some general information. Please spend a few minute reading through it as it may answer current or future questions. If you cannot find your answer here please contact management.

We define an emergency as something that is harmful to the safety & health of a resident, such as uncontrolled water, electric short circuits, smell or presence of gas, fire or smoke, etc. An emergency is not: a plumbing stoppage, heater or a/c malfunction in mild weather, appliance malfunction, lack of hot water, etc.


Helpful Contact Info

Austin Energy/Utilities: (512) 494.9400

Texas Gas Service: (800) 700.2443            

AT&T Uverse: (800) 288.2020

AT&T Phone Service: (800) 222.0300

Time Warner Cable: (512) 485.5555

Grande Communications: (512) 220.4600

Austin American Statesman: (512) 445.4040

University of Texas: (512) 471.3434

Austin Community College: (512) 483.7000

St. Edwards: (512) 448.8400

Texas State: (512) 245.2111

lease & maintenance inquiries:

Rent Payments

All rents are due on the first (1st) of each month.. After the third (3rd) day of the month, the rent is considered late and associated fees will apply. Payment must be in the form of check, cashiers check, or money order and made payable to: Joseph Companies. It is VERY important that your name, the associated property name and unit number are written in the memo section of the payment.

Payments may be mailed to or dropped off at the Austin Skyline Office.

Austin Skyline Realty

1501 W. North Loop Blvd

Suite 108

Austin, TX 78756

Late Fees

As stated above, if rent is not turned in by the third (3rd) day of the month, late fees will apply. On the 4th day of the month, a $50-100 fee will be applied and each day thereafter a fee of $10-25/day will be applied (exact amount depends on each particular lease).

30 Day Notice

You must give 30 days written notice prior to vacating, even if your lease is expiring. If notice is not given your lease will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis. 

Electric Space Heaters

When using electric heaters, please unplug your air conditioner (if you have a window unit) and run only the heater. Running two appliances off the same outlet will cause the breaker to trip. Furthermore, be sure to plug your space heater only into the plug next to the a/c’s, which are typically on designated breakers.

Freezing Weather

When we have freezing weather, leave ALL of your faucets dripping (hot & cold) to prevent frozen pipes. Also, leave your heat on (at least 60 degrees) and the cabinet doors open under your sinks.

Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is located in your sink and is operated by a switch above and to the side. The disposal may be used only when water is running. Cold water is recommended. Putting any type of metal, large bones, or hot grease into the disposal is prohibited. Additionally, aluminum can tabs, bottle caps, banana peels, coins, glass, jewelry, and cigarette filters will jam and many times permanently break a disposal. Residents will be charged to repair/replace the disposal if it breaks as a result of having put any of the above items in the disposal.  If your disposal is not functioning and just buzzing, press the reset button at the bottom of the unit.

Heater & AC Filters

For central air & heat, you must change your filter once per month. For window units, you need to remove and wash your filters once a month. If you do not keep your filters clean, your cooling/heating bills will be high & the coils can be damaged. Residents will be charged for repairs and service calls resulting from filters not being changed often enough.


In accordance with your lease, neither the management company nor property owners are responsible for your personal property or automobiles on the premises. We urge residents to purchase Renter's insurance. If applicable, your parent’s homeowners policy may cover your personal property, however this should be verified with your parents and their insurance agent.

Lights Bulbs

Your apartment has been furnished with light bulbs. Any bulbs that burn out during your tenancy are your responsibility to replace. We expect all bulbs to be in working order when you vacate the premises. Residents security deposits will be charged for any burnt out or missing bulbs.

Lock Charges

If your lock needs to be changed, please contact management. Under no circumstances are you to personally change any lock. We will make all lock changes as necessary or as requested. 

Lock Outs

If you’re locked out of your apartment, please call management.


All Resident’s will be issued a Joseph Companies parking permit for the community parking lot. All unauthorized vehicles that do not possess the Joseph Companies parking permit will be towed at owner’s expense.


Motorcycles may NOT be parked alongside or in the buildings, breezeways or near bike racks.


If your apartment is equipped with a microwave, please DO NOT put any type of metal or foil in the microwave at ANY time. Clean your microwave regularly. Repair of microwave due to condition of filth will result in a charge to residents.

No Electricity

If the power goes off in your unit, see if your neighbor has power. If they do have power, it is likely a technical or account issue. If they do not have power, it is likely a power provider issue in the area.

No Smoking Policy

All Joseph Companies properties have a very strictly enforced NO INDOOR SMOKING POLICY. If residents choose not to abide by this policy, immediate action will be taken. Furthermore, when smoking outside of the units, be certain that all butts are discarded properly.

Parties & Loud Disturbances

Please be respectful to all Residents. Any complaints about noise past 9:00pm will receive a warning the first two (2) times. After two (2) warnings, further action will be taken by management.


Joseph Companies wishes to cooperate with our residents and the local police department to prevent crime. Below we suggest several steps designed to increase all residents’ awareness and increase their safety.

Statistics have shown that a most effective deterrent to crime is when all of the individuals in a neighborhood look out for each other. This does not require anyone to carry any weapons nor does it require anyone to apprehend any suspicious individuals. However, it does require each resident to be more active in reporting suspicious activities or persons to the proper authorities. Therefore, we encourage each resident to know his or her neighbors and become alert to suspicious persons or activity on the property. Please contact the local police department should you observe any suspicious person or activity.

The police encourage early reporting of suspicious activity as a means of preventing crime. Please do not hesitate to call if necessary.

Lock your apartment door at all times. Crime statistics indicate a much lower incidence of burglary where locks are used.

Use common sense with all ground level windows and doors. Do not leave your apartment or fall asleep with a ground level window or door open or unlocked. When possible, leave a light on in your apartment if you are leaving overnight. Timer devices that turn lights on automatically at set times are available at most hardware stores. Please make sure a certified electrician installs anything that requires electrical work.

Lastly, report any suspicious activity, persons or noises to Management, in addition to the local police. If you have further suggestions or comments on how to make our community safer, please contact management..

Smell of Gas

If you smell gas, check and see if the pilot lights on your stove and in the oven are lit. If they’re not lit, light them. If that is not the problem, please contact the gas company and Joseph Companies immediately.


Notification must be given and approved by Joseph Companies. $150 in fees is due for subletting. $50 of that is for the application fee and the additional $100 is a managerial fee.

Smoke Detectors & Fire Extinguishers

All apartments are equipped with one or more smoke detectors. Please press the test button on all of your smoke alarms at least once per month. If the alarm fails to sound, please notify management immediately.

The detector(s) should be in working order when you move in and when you vacate the unit.  It is your responsibility to notify management of any non-working smoke detectors. Should your apartment be missing any detectors upon your move-out, a fee of $50.00/smoke alarm will be assessed to your account.

Toilet Stoppage

Should you experience a toilet stoppage and an overflowing commode, IMMEDIATELY turn off the water to the commode by turning the valve on the wall behind the toilet and near the floor to the right.

We recommend that residents purchase a plunger. The plunger can alleviate most stoppage quickly and minimize inconvenience. We also remind all residents that at no time should they flush sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable diapers, paper towels or rags down the toilet. This will result in sewer line backup that will not only damage your apartment but your neighbor’s as well. Any damage resulting from negligence will be charged to the resident(s).

Trash Removal

There is a dumpster located on site. There will be a $25.00 fine assessed per bag of trash that has not been disposed of properly. Properly means that the garbage is fully inside the receptacle. Garbage found outside the dumpster or in the hallways of the building is not considered properly disposed of, and will result in a fine.

Picking Up After Your Pet

There will be a $25.00 fine assessed per each reported instance of tenants not picking up after their dogs. Please pick up after your pet and avoid paying these fees.